Cities in transition: Italian municipalities towards environmental sustainability

Report SNPA n. 31 bis/2022 – ISBN 978-88-448-1164-8

Cities play a central role in the transition towards sustainability, they are key drivers of change.“Cities in transition: Italian regional capitals towards environmental sustainability” has the ambition to explore environmental sustainability through three strategic lens: quality of life, circularity and resilience to the impacts of climate change. What comes out is a work where the 21 major Italian cities are at the core of the analysis, and where particular attention is given to the temporal evolution of cities’ main environmental themes in order to help local administrators and all stakeholders in the complex – but needed – path towards an ecological and just transition.


SNPA Council Resolution. Session of 16.06.202. Doc. n. 172/22

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Il documento è la versione inglese del Report 31/2022

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